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Auxiliary Idler Kit 


2003-2004 Mustang Cobra


Sometimes referred to as a ‘snub idler’, this popular kit will bolt into position and virtually eliminate belt slippage at the supercharger pulley.  The key is the unique design of our aluminum pulley mounting bracket.  Our heavy-duty bracket is designed so that it will not deflect under heavy belt loads like some other designs, as deflection in the bracket eases tension on the belt and allows the belt to slip.  The bracket is machined from a solid 4” x 4” block of certified 6061 billet aluminum.  The bracket is configured so that it seats firmly against the OEM crossover bracket for unmatched stability, and it mounts with (2) M8 fasteners in existing locations.  Other than the removal of the factory belt guard (remember those?), no modifications are required for installation.  The bracket is vibratory polished after machining for a smooth finish and long lasting corrosion resistance.


For most applications, the larger 100mm idler pulley is appropriate.  The larger pulley maximizes belt wrap at the supercharger pulley, and this 100mm pulley is compatible with most popular supercharger pulleys sized 3.25” and smaller.  For larger supercharger pulleys, the 90mm size would be appropriate to ensure adequate clearance for the belt between the idler and the supercharger pulley.  We offer this kit with both single and double-bearing idlers, and these idlers are identical to those we offer for the other (3) idler locations on the Cobra’s supercharger drive.  


The kit includes the billet bracket, one M8 fastener (one existing M8 fastener is re-used), the idler pulley of your choice, and the appropriate bolt and bearing cover for the pulley.  Installation instructions are included.  This kit is compatible with the original Eaton supercharger, as well as Whipple and Kenne-Bell superchargers.


When installed with the 100mm idler pulley, a belt that is 1.5” longer than the existing belt should be used.  When the bracket is installed with the 90mm idler pulley, a belt that is 1.0” longer than the existing belt is necessary.


This product is an original Metco Motorsports design that has been copied a number of times, but none of the copies match the quality and precision fit of the original.

All Metco Motorsports products are designed, manufactured, and assembled at our facility in Anderson, SC.


*Beware of unauthorized copies of our products offered by Lightning Force Performance.  Metco Motorsports has no affiliation whatsoever with LFP.


Metco Cobra Auxiliary Idler Kit

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